Junior Secondary

Junior School is the entry point for both academic and extra-curricular success of any new student privilege to secure a placement in the Divne Touch International School enrolment register. It’s a school domiciled in a state of the art millennial quadrangle building.

Each classroom is tastefully furnished and set up to stimulate creativity, personalized learning and provide an ambient atmosphere for socialization. New students in year 7 spend the first 3 years of secondary school life here, getting assessed periodically in the thier domain of learnings with series of internationally acknowledged standardized tests before moving on to the senior school.

Leadership traits are imbued and inducted in the students through different age related leadership roles like School councils, Class leadership, Junior school prefect-ship etc.

Tutorship, guardianship and sundry assistance are provided by well-trained and experienced tutors to help in modelling the students’ growing-up and shape their minds without having their individuality compromised.