Addmision Introduction

Optimal use of education in life is self-evident. Without education, the training of the human mind is incomplete. No individual is a contributor in the working world unless he has been educated in the proper sense. This is achieved by bringing him the knowledge from external world, teaching him to reason, acquainting him with history so that he may be a better judge in the present time. A person who gets a good education will, in all probabilities, be a better citizen and strong personality. Our economy needs educated people to keep it efficient in order to march into a glorious future. With the advent of the technology, we need experts who have specialized skills to excel in their respective areas so that overall growth of the economy is ensured.

Admission is at the school’s discretion and the school’s decision is final. The essence of the admission process is to enable the school management to select the most suitable candidates based on the school’s assessment criteria which include the prospective student’s academic performance and potential.

Understanding the true role of education in the development of the society, DTIS started officially 2018. As the years go by, we will be more committed to empowering the nation and the world at large. Expanding our horizon, we have ventured into professional and educational colleges to impart quality education at all levels to more and more students.

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