1. Students must be in their complete and correct school uniform on working days & sports and excursion days. No student will be allowed in school without proper uniform.
  2. School timings and time table must be followed strictly. Late comers will not be allowed.
  3. Students proceeding on leave must apply in advance. For more than three days leave in a month, approval should be taken by the parent from school authorities.
  4. Damaging or defacing the school property may invite a monetary fine up to the double of the cost of property.
  5. Students must maintain cleanliness in the class room and in the campus.
  6. School will not be responsibe for loss of any item in the school. Students are expected to take care of their belongings themselves.
  7. Valuable items and electronic gadgets are not allowed in the school campus unless you are ask to come with it.
  8. Any other type of material not related to curriculum should not be brought to the school. Bringing of such material will invite serious action.
  9. No student will be sent back home, while the school is going on except on medical grounds or on prior intimation.
  10. Students should note down all the homework/notices in this clio regularly and get it checked by the class teacher.
  11. The name will be struck off if a student remains absent for ten consecutive days without any intimation. Re-admission will be granted within a week with requisite re-admission fee.
  12. Tiffin, stationery, any other item must not be sent by the parent during school time. The school will not pass-it on to the student.
  13. Absence from class without intimation might invite monetary fine.
  14. Speaking English is compulsory in school campus.
  15. No bullying